Fluid Time is a software development and services company

Manager of National Koburation (MNK) is Fluid Time’s flagship information networking application and services platform. It is targeted at users interested in organizing, searching, aggregating, categorizing and optimizing large numbers of distributed information resources. MNK provides an easy to use graphical user interface and technology for construction and management of digital libraries, custom web search engines, concept graphs, business maps such as the space of your customers, suppliers, partners and competitors, and other information spaces composed of distributed information resources.

AlfaCoshka Enterprise Edition is the first and only cross-platform scalable transcoding proxy server. It is implemented in Java and is the ideal solution for enterprises or service providers interested in deploying custom e-commerce, content and programmable application layer networking services. AlfaCoshka can be used as a standalone solution, as a building block for large scale e-commerce and content delivery networks(CDNs) or in combination with other caching and content delivery systems that require great flexibility and dynamic programmability.

AlfaCoshka Personal Edition is a caching proxy server and network services platform for home and small office use and applications. It supports a large number of protocols, an unrestricted number of connections and is the ideal cross-platform solution for connection sharing, caching and network management.

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