Type C 3.1 USB Flash Drives: The Next Generation Solution to Data Management


What’s the hype circling on type C 3.1 USB flash drives?

The Type C flash drives were released only last 2014. From its launching, this data transfer tool has become widely used all over the globe. Today, you’ll see that most mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets utilize type C ports and connectors rather than the former connector options.

Now, what’s the big deal about type C 3.1 USB flash drives?

For sure, you are probably wondering the same question in mind. So, to help you learn more about this device check out the basics of this item indicated below for more information.

Introducing Type C USB Connectors

A type C connection is not a flash drive version but a cable connector. This device allows you to transfer files into another computer or any mobile devices with less hassle. It is more convenient compared to older USB connector models. Do you want to know why? Check it out below.

1. Slim and Smaller Size– The first thing you’ll notice about this cable is the slimmer and smaller head it has. The compact design and thinner size of this connector is the reason why many prefer this device rather than its former versions. It is more convenient and provides you a lot of space.

2. Reversible– One issue that most people experience when using Type A and B ports is the difficulty of plugging in the device. The Type C cable has the solution to this problem. The head of the connector is reversible. Hence, there is no incorrect way of plugging the device.

3. Compatible with Many Devices– One great advantage of this port is its compatibility with other devices. Thus, it offers limitless file transfer opportunities and effective data management.

Albeit, type C connectors are slim and the latest model so far, take note that this device may run on lesser specs. Don’t assume that it has all the goodness of a 3.1 USB flash drive. That is why you need a 3.1 USB flash drive and type C connector combo.

What is a 3.1 USB Flash Drive?

It is the latest flash drive version released in the market. It is also called as gen 2 flash drives because of its amazing specs that will surely stun many USB users.

The 3.1 USB flash drive features rapid file transit, which is double from the transfer speed of 3.0. Also, it is compatible with its predecessors.

Now, combining the 3.1 USB flash drives with Type C connector is when the magic happens.

Things get more exciting when these two are combined. A Type C 3.1 flash drive can power up fully sized notebooks and other mobile devices. Moreover, it can accommodate other connection options such as Display Port and HDMI.

Where to Find a High-Quality Type C 3.1 USB Flash Drive?

When it comes to this industry, you can always trust the CFgear.

The CFgear is a service-custom oriented company that specializes in flash drive external customization, preload and data services, and bulk USB drive selling. Everything you’ll need in a USB manufacturer is here at the CFgear.

You can check out their official website to find out their latest Type C 3.1 USB flash drive products.

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