Tips for a Hassle-Free Travel from Bali to Gili Islands


Still, debating on where to spend your vacation this year?

Here is an idea; check out the stunning and pristine Gili Islands of Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the few countries around the globe blessed with magnificent beaches and ocean life. Moreover, the country has a vibrant culture and religion that harmoniously coalesce with technological advancement. Aside from satisfying your eyes with its beauty, Indonesia will also fill up your belly with their mouth-watering cuisines.

One of the best islands to visit in this country is the Gili Islands. It is a group of three small islands situated in the northwest of Lombok. Each of these islands has a unique personality. Gili Trawangan is a developed island with lots of activities to offer, including a fun nightlife. If you prefer a romantic and calm scenery, Gili Meno is the right place to go. Meanwhile, Gili Air is like a merging of the two. It is not as developed as Trawangan but has enough activities to satisfy your adventurous heart. At the same time, Gili Air has the best places to help you relax.

How to Reach the Gili Islands? 

The easiest and fast method of reaching these islands is through speed boat. The ride only takes a few hours, compared to riding a public ferry that is a day-long trip.

Additionally, speed boats are private and there are fewer crowds. You can enjoy more of the view while going to the island. The ride is also relaxing and memorable. No more travel nightmares from jam-packed ferries, snail-pace ride, to seasickness.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to add more to your travel expenses if you choose this type of transportation. Private speed boats are expensive, compared to other modes of transportation going to one of these islands. But when you take the big picture, the money you’ll spend on such a ride is worth it.

Another important tip is to find a reliable fast boat operator. One name you can trust when it comes to traveling in Bali to Gili Islands is Duck Ferries. This operator has been around for years providing the best service to tourists and locals.

Aside from private fast boat rides, they offer a free shuttle to tourists. They can pick you up at the airport and arrive on time at the dock. You no longer have to experience the traffic and all the hassle that comes with it.

Duck Ferries is easy to reach. They have a website wherein you can find their contact details and information regarding their services. Likewise, they accept online booking, so you can save more money and have a stress-free vacation. Indeed, with Duck Ferries, getting from Bali to the Gilis has never been easier.


The key to a stress-free vacation is planning ahead of time and choosing the right modes of transportation. A vacation means a moment to relax and help your mind and body unwind from the pressure of urban life. Thus, take out all the factors that can ruin your trip.

For additional details on how to go to Bali and Gili Islands, ask DuckFerries through their contact details.

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