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You may be fond of collecting jewelry, and there is absolutely no problem with that. People have collections of far more bizarre objects and still have no problem. One thing is for sure: you’ll want a way to show off your collection! In doing so, you’ll want a way of displaying your jewelry collection that you think would suit your style. An easy way to do this is by using a jewelry box to store your stuff.

To help you get the proper jewelry box for this purpose, you should check out My Treasure Box. A store that has striven to become Australia’s premier store for jewelry and watch boxes, My Treasure Box boasts a wide selection of jewelry and watch boxes that come in all sorts of designs and styles, and if you happen to be a collector looking for a way to showcase your collection with a stylish modern touch, My Treasure Box has a nice selection of modern ones for you.

What Designs are there?

You guessed it; My Treasure Box also features a bunch of other jewelry boxes that has a vintage but posh look on them. We’re talking about jewelry boxes that have wooden exteriors with shiny finishes. The massive collection aims to cater to virtually any kind of customer looking to keep his or her accessories from getting exposed to the elements, while looking great when they are displayed.

Their impressive collection doesn’t really end with what you see in their site right now; they are constantly working on new and innovative designs. This, and their availability for anyone who wants to get in touch with them, reflects My Treasure Box’s commitment to establishing excellent rapport with clients.

The jewelry boxes themselves, starting at $59.95, are perfect gifts for anyone, including yourself and, surprisingly, men. That’s right; some of the boxes are designed to appeal to guys, in the sense that they can double as containers for personal effects like cellular phones and can work as watch boxes too!

Notable Designs

If you wanted jewelry box designs that can accommodate a staggering amount of jewelry pieces, check out My Treasure Box’s Cambridge jewelry boxes. Though they are currently the most expensive boxes in the store, they easily sport the greatest space of all the boxes in the store. They are also good in showcasing your jewelry too; each of the Cambridge boxes has separate panels for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

The Cambridge box, along with the other fine jewelry boxes in the mix, My Treasure Box’s greatest asset is actually its perk on the shipping rate. The prices that My Treasure Box has put up for their products are already inclusive of the applicable shipping fee! Just imagine the convenience of having only to pay one time, and all else that you have to do is to wait for your order to arrive, which shouldn’t take long since My Treasure Box has numerous warehouses across Australia that will ensure speedy shipping.

Gathering up a jewelry collection is a bit hard. Storing your jewelry and showing it off at the same time doesn’t have to be hard. Check out My Treasure Box today and get the best deals on the market today!

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