Divorce and Broken Engagement: What to do with the ring?


An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment. You only give or receive it from the person you love and whom you have plan to share half of your life. Indeed, such a precious piece of jewelry is meaningful regardless of the value.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets a happily ever after in a flick of a finger. Some engagements are broken and there are married couples who end up in separate ways. Heartbreaks such as this are difficult to handle especially divorces.

Breaking up with your fiancée is great heartache. But it is tougher for married couples with kids. Besides the emotional turmoil, there is a question of financial stability and survival of the broken family.

Here is when a person makes a drastic decision. And, selling the ring is an option one could not avoid.

Why Sell Your Engagement Ring?

You might have bitter memories from your engagement, but a small piece of jewelry like your engagement ring could also revive those sweet moments. Before the storm, there was a time you’ve been in love and that is what makes selling your engagement ring a difficult decision.

Despite the fond memories, think about your current needs, particularly the sake of your kids. Be practical and wise. If you want to rise above from financial struggles, the best thing you can do at the moment is to sell that ring.

How Does it Work?

Selling an engagement ring is not an easy process. There are several things you have to consider before finalizing your decision. Likewise, fraud agents and scam jewelers are all over the place. Hence, you have to be careful in selecting who to trust.

If you are planning to sell your ring, the first thing you have to do is find a reliable and legit jewelry store. Look for a jeweler with an outstanding reputation in the industry and worth trusting. You can ask your friends or relatives for tips or else search for guidelines on the internet.

If you are having a hard time searching for a jeweler store, then here is a tip. Check out the Speedy Diamond.

The Speedy Diamond is a renowned independent jewel store. They buy and sell diamonds as well as diamond rings since 1975. They are composed of experts in the industry and certified GIA gemologists who would examine the value of your ring.

Why Choose Speedy Diamond?

There’s countless of reasons why you must consider this jeweler. Here is some of it.

  • A legit jeweler that values the need of clients and diamond sellers
  • Purchases diamonds, precious stones and wedding band
  • Pays the appropriate value of the ring based on GIA standard
  • Speedy transaction since there is no agent or third party involved in the process
  • Get your money fast
  • Offers CZ replacement for your ring, free of charge

You can rely on the Speedy Diamond when it comes to selling your engagement or wedding ring.

If you have doubts about this store, don’t hesitate to contact them. You can reach Speedy Diamond via their official website. Also, try their free quote the find out the value of your ring.

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