Adding Style to Your Kitchen: A Few Ways to Do It Without a Full On Renovation


Kitchen renovations in the US are very expensive, irrespective of the state you are residing in. It is true that sometimes renovations just can’t be avoided, but if you are only looking to add a bit of style and aesthetics to your old kitchen, without having to spend a ton of money on a full blown remodeling project, here are a few simple but elegant ideas to help you do it right.

Change the Lighting

If you have been using classic white ceiling lights in your kitchen since you moved in, why not try out a different set of fixtures such as a few pendants and task lights in the right places? You could also go with yellow colored lights instead of white this time around, and the change will be prolific. This won’t cost you much and your kitchen will definitely look different and more refreshing than before.

Add Aesthetically Pleasing, High-Quality Accessories

Virginia Boys Kitchens has such a nice selection of wooden trays made from end-grained walnut wood that you just have to check them out to know why they come so highly recommended. The trays are also the perfect addition to your coffee table, so carrying a few cups of coffee to your guests on one of these trays will inject a tiny bit of pride in you every time.

Stick with the dependability of good woodwork and replace that raggedy, scarred and germ-filed plastic board with a beautifully finished walnut cutting board. It will add more glamor and utility to the kitchen simultaneously.

Get a new set of knives too, and hang them in the kitchen so that they reflect the light from their smooth shiny and beautiful stainless steel surfaces like the elegant tools of the culinary art that they are.

The same goes for cutlery, cookware, glasses, etc. as well; they can all be easily changed and collectively, they will change how your kitchen looks, especially in the glow of the new lights you install.

Invest a Bit in Furniture

Admittedly, when it comes to furniture, it’s easy for the budget to get a bit out of hand, but we are going to be careful here and suggest subtle, relatively inexpensive changes.  One of the easiest additions is to change the style of your kitchen chairs.  You can either buy completely new ones or reupholster your current ones.  Even small kitchens can have eat-ins.

Invest in Wall Art

Hang a piece of art from your favorite artist on the wall, or get a grand wall clock; the choice is completely yours, but these are definitely inexpensive ways to add a bit more style to any kitchen.

You can, of course, always opt for a kitchen remodeling later on, but those walnut trays, and that shiny new set of knives will still be just as useful as ever in the new kitchen too. Therefore, they are investments worth making, since these at least, do not have a depreciating value in any kitchen.

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