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How to Improve Quality Sleep


Do you have a hard time falling asleep?

Do you frequently rise in between your sleep?

If you do, you are not alone. Many people share a similar problem with sleep. Some experience difficulty in falling asleep because of insomnia or stress. But remember this, your body requires a good sleep to remain healthy. Lack of sleep leads to several health consequences that may impact your productivity and functionality. Examples of health risks associated with sleep deprivation are heart disease, hypertension, immune infection, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

As the experts say, stick to sleeping routines. Be awake during the day and let your body rest at night. But it seems impossible if your body resists sleeping at 3 in the morning. Then, how can you control your sleeping patterns and maximize the hours you spend sleeping?

Here is a list of some useful tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

#1 Reduce Long Day Naps

Do you sleep more during the day compared at night?

It could be the reason why your body could sleep properly in the evening. Yes, short naps at daytime are beneficial. It helps to reduce the stress your body is feeling from long hours of work. However, sleeping in the daytime will confuse your internal clock. That is why you struggle to sleep at night rather than in the daytime.

If you practice such sleeping habit, make sure to reduce your long day naps. A 30 minutes nap is sufficient to help your mind and body rest for a while. Sleeping for longer hours is no longer advisable.

#2 Use a Sleep Mask

Working at night shift is a different story. You have to adjust your sleeping patterns to work at night time. But there is one problem; the brain is hard-wired to associate daylight with wakefulness and darkness with sleeping. Thus, it will be a huge struggle for you to change your sleeping pattern.

You can solve this issue by using sleeping paraphernalia like a sleep mask. Using a sleep mask while sleeping during daytime is extremely useful; it supports relaxation by muting noises and distractions around you. Moreover, it blocks the light from distressing your sleep.

#3 Cut Caffeine Consumption

Do you love drinking coffee?

Caffeinated beverages contain chemicals that keep your mind and body alert. It stimulates your nervous system that prevents your body from relaxing. Therefore, from now on, try to cut your coffee consumption as well as other beverages and food with high caffeine content.

Aside from coffee, drinking alcohol and using nicotine can cause sleeping trouble. As much as possible, you should try to lessen your drinking and smoking habits.

#4 Create a Sleep-Inducing Environment

Transform your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment. Turn it into a quiet, dark and cool place. You can install blackout curtains to prevent light from seeping through your room. If it is too expensive, you can use a sleep mask as an alternative. Also, lower your room’s temperature. The cold will help to relax your body into sleep.

Do you need more info on how to improve quality sleep? Find out more here at Escaping the Midwest.

A Brief Overview of Panic Anxiety Disorder


Stress is a natural reaction to overwhelming situations and events that a person encounters. It’s normal to get stressed out. The body releases a stress hormone, cortisol, during such occurrences, and while the body is made to deal with said stress hormone, sometimes, there’s way too much cortisol released during a stressful event for the body to handle. When that happens, and if that happens often, the stress can lead to anxiety, ultimately becoming a mental disorder like panic anxiety disorder.

Doctors can help when the first signs of panic anxiety disorder show up. However, such incidents can be avoided if you manage stress from the get-go. These days, there are adaptogenic supplements you can take. These supplements specifically work on the stress response of a person. Hence, you don’t easily get stressed out over the littlest things. You can read a Paradise Herbs Imperial Adaptogen review to get a better idea of what these adaptogenic supplements are.

What Is Panic Anxiety Disorder?

Panic anxiety disorder is a discomfort or fear that unexpectedly arises in less than 10 minutes and could last for more than an hour wherein the particular cause isn’t always clear. However, the topic about panic anxiety disorders is a broad one.

Here is a brief rundown of the different categories that may cause panic anxiety disorders and its indications or results which the individuals may possess.

1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The person may manifest by long lasting attacks of anxiety which is usually not limited on a particular item or situation. The sufferers would frequently be in a continuous state of apprehension and worry. This is one of the common panic disorders and presents mostly in adults.

2. Phobias. The anxiety is activated by the terror of a particular situation, stimulus, or item. This type of attack causes petrifying corollaries after being exposed to anything which they are terrified of. Two of the major phobias that cause the attacks are social anxiety phobia and agoraphobia.

3. Panic Disorder.  The person may have short attacks of extreme fear where they are apt to experience muscle shaking, tension, heart palpitations, sweating, dizziness, chest pains, and fear of dying. The triggers can be very wide-ranging and their onsets are very sudden.

4. Separation Anxiety. This presents when a person experiences severe anxiety when encountered with the parting of themselves from an individual, environment or object. This is a normal occurrence with small kids and babies but it is just only a disorder when the fears are inapt or extreme and starts to negatively affect on the sufferer’s life.

5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is always caused primarily by traumatic experience of the person. When encountered an environment or scene that reminds them of the incident, they would suffer severe angst and frequently find themselves re-experiencing the event.

6. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. People suffering from OCD start to experience fear and anxiety when they’re not able to perform things in a particular way or finish a tedious task like washing their hands every time the apprehension is stimulated. These obsessions would lead to panic attacks if the person is stopped in any means from finishing their ‘ritual’ when encountered the same particular situations.

Panic anxiety disorder is a disabling medical disorder, but could be controlled and treated successfully. If left untreated, it might get worse wherein the individual’s life is gravely affected.

Things to Consider For Your First Hiking Experience


Health deficiency is one of the most common concerns among those who live their lives on a strict daily routine. An average person should start his or her day with a healthy morning breakfast before going to work or before tending to the day’s tasks. But nowadays, more and more people often neglect their bodies; forgoing eating regular healthy meals and do exercise due to their busy schedules. It becomes alarming when symptoms start to show and the body hinders a person’s productivity.

According to the experts, regularly eating healthy meals partnered with a proper exercise can be helpful to prevent any health deficiency. It is also advised to engage in outdoor activities that will force you to use physical strength. One of the most sought out outdoor activity is hiking.

Hiking is not a new activity. This outdoor activity has been helping many people all over the world. This does not only make you use your body and sweat out all the stress you have within yourself, but it also helps you connect with nature as well. Breathing fresh air away from the usual city pollution is healthy and will help a person replenish energy; it will also boost one’s mood.

For first timers or for those who are considering in doing hiking this coming holidays, here are some of the things you should consider.

1. Destination

Look up some of the most famous hiking trails near your area. Although not planning anything and just doing things spontaneously can be a thrill, one should consider the dangers of doing things recklessly. Hiking is not just like a walk in the park. Although it is not considered as a dangerous activity, it is still best to consider planning which trail to take. It is best to go on locations that are fit for your physical capabilities. There are locations that may be hard for you to take. You can ask around or try looking it up on the internet.

2. Necessary Gears

It is best to prepare the things you might need during this experience days or week beforehand. You might consider taking a longer trail and plan to stay the night to enjoy the nature more, so you will have to prepare the necessary gears that can help you on the way. Find the best hiking boots you can find in the market. Your experience will rely on how comfortable you are during the hike. Hiking boots will provide you with this comfort. There are many hiking boots in the market, but not all of them fit your needs. You might want to consider hiking boots that has waterproof features, or are low cut. Of course, these all depends on what kind of trail you are going to take. There are those locations that have swamps or small body of water that you will have to cross, so it is best to consider waterproof hiking boots for this location.

The Advantages of Social Media in Digital Marketing


how to market on social media

Many of today’s marketers have acknowledged the influence of social media in their business. Through this medium, their businesses have gained a significant amount of exposure and growth. Social media marketing has paved the way for a more practical and doable way of marketing an enterprise. Facebook, Twitter, and all other platforms have given birth to a new era in the history of digital marketing.

How does it work marketing products and services online in the first place? Essentially, the goal is to generate more traffic using some or all social media sites. However, it’s not just all that. Social media also increases the engagement between customers and product owners, creating a higher rate of interaction that is essential for the success of a business.

There are far more advantages that social media has brought to the lives of digital marketers. Here are some of those that will convince you to use this technique in marketing for your business.

Improved Brand Awareness

Every post, every engagement, and every inquiry answered raises your brand’s recognition. The more exposed your brand is out there, the higher the chance of reaching out to a wider circle that was once untouched by your service. You gain a broader audience, from local to worldwide clients, from the users of the social media platform that you are on. You become more visible to people. Furthermore, by putting your brand out on social media, you create a network of previous and future clients which eases the branching out process of your marketing technique.

how to maintain business online

Increased Traffic and Ranking

Social media hits two birds in one stone. Your current customers are able to search for you using the keywords that they think would associate with you. On top of that, prospect clients which were once out of your network will be able to find you. The moment they hit that share or search button, the higher the chance of you getting on top of the search results. Hence, you also have to build your followers; a lot of social media influencers or entrepreneurs turn to for help when it comes to this.

Direct Interaction with Clients

Having an online profile provides a medium for clients to reach out to you directly and the same goes for you. You see their thoughts and comments directly which gives you the advantage of improving your service the way your customers want it. The more opinions you receive, the faster you can get on top of your plan in making better business decisions.

Convenient and Cost-Efficient Sharing

Signing up for an online profile in most social media platforms don’t need any cost at all. Once in, you have all the liberty to send out posts that broadcasts the information that you want to convey. No longer waits for your content to be shared to the clients. It drastically cuts your marketing expenses in the easiest manner.

Reach a wider audience through social media. It’s cheaper, faster, and more efficient than any other digital marketing techniques. With the right people to manage your accounts, you have a promising future in your ranking and website value. Entrust your business to reliable people and gain more customers in no time!

Common Online Scams You Should Keep an Eye Out For


Related image

While the internet has opened up the doors to a wider platform of communication and convenience. It has allowed us to carry out certain tasks that have previously required us to take time out of our days to do, such as paying our bills, shopping, and sending messages to people.

While this marvel of technology has made our lives significantly easier, the risk involved has evolved as well in accordance to this. This is exactly why many people have turned to precautionary measures such as firewall, two-factor authentication measure, as well as VPN. You can check out some good VPN info here. Scammers have started changing their methods to target the wide demographic of internet users by making their way into our private lives and accounts. Some of these more common methods are outlined and explained below:

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are some of the trickiest types of scams to fall for, if you’re not paying attention. This specific type of scam often tricks online users into visiting a fraudulent site that looks very similar to legitimate sites, often bank sites, or social media sites.

Once the user enters their personal information, the site sends the information to the scammer who now has the information they need to access your private accounts. These scams often take the form of emails that inform the user that their accounts have been compromised and that they need to sign in to secure them.

A link to the fake site is provided on the email, and looks almost the same as the original. One way to make sure that you don’t fall for these scams is to check the URL provided and to compare it to the official one. If the sender’s email address looks suspicious, do not proceed, and contact your bank to confirm if your account has indeed been compromised.

online shopping scams

The Nigerian Prince Scam

The Nigerian Prince scam is one of the internet’s oldest and most common forms of money laundering scams. This involves a “Nigerian Prince” requesting for someone to retrieve a large amount of money for them and would request you to send them your bank details so they can send you a sum of money as a thank you.

Instead, people find their accounts being drained of their funds because of the number of fees the “prince” needs to process the transfer. The best way to avoid this kind of scam is to ignore emails asking for monetary help from accounts that you’re not familiar with.  

You’ve Won This Lottery!” Scam

Users who have encountered this kind of scam receive an email saying that they’ve won millions of dollars. In order for you to claim your “prize”, you need to provide your full name, address, date of birth, and sometimes, you bank details to send your prize in.

Some forms of this require that you send them several thousands in processing fees that you will likely not see again. The best to avoid this is to ignore emails like this, and to remember, if you didn’t enter any kind of lottery or contest, how can you win?

When it comes to your online activity, it is important to stay vigilant and to notice the signs of a potential scam. This way, you can protect yourself from being scammed and having your personal information stolen.


On Hiring Wedding Photographers: Advice from the Internet


budget for wedding

Planning a wedding is truly challenging as there are so many decisions you will have to make. Of course, being one of the most special events that may only happen once in a lifetime, everything about the wedding has got to be perfect. From the color of the flowers, the choices of the menu and down to the details of the bridesmaid’s gown–as much as possible, these should all be, at least, close to perfect. However, because throwing a wedding is quite expensive, there are so many couples who would sacrifice some aspects of the wedding for a cheaper alternative.

Take for example, when it comes to hiring a professional photographer.  In order to save, many couples opt to ask from a family member the favor of taking the wedding photos instead. Unfortunately, almost all the time, the results are quite disappointing. Without professional photography, issues such as wrong angles, dim lighting, and ugly candid shots may come around once the wedding is over.

The Reasons

With that said, here are some of the main reasons as to why it is very important to hire professional photographers for your big day according to internet findings.

  • Experience

Professional photographers will be far from disappointing because they have experience. Surely, the photographer you will end up hiring had already spent countless of hours doing wedding photography sessions prior to yours. And so, you will not have to worry about the lighting or if the venue is too dim, the photographer has his/her own tricks in making the pictures beautiful, regardless. Concerns about ugly candid shots of you or your parents crying will also be out of the picture since photographers already know the best timing even when it comes to candid shots.

  • Commitment

With the price tag, you will also be sure that your photographer will be committed. Unlike your second-degree cousin or friend who can just ditch the wedding date anytime, the photographer you will hire will show up regardless of when and where the event is.

the best wedding photographer

  • Great Results

We can never turn back time and so, we may only re-experience our wedding by browsing through the photos that were taken. Professional photographers will definitely provide us with much greater results that will help us in reminiscing that one special date. Hiring a photographer will therefore mean that the photos will be edited to make them look even more magical and the wedding albums will be provided and organized as well.

  • Insurance

If your family member or your friend who was tasked to take the photos gets injured as he/she does the task, chances are, you will be liable for the damages and the injuries. However, hiring a professional photographer who is insured will free you from these liabilities.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we want our wedding to be as great as it can be. And so, it is best to really decide well on which aspects to compromise and sacrifice when it comes to the wedding plans. Fortunately, there are affordable photographers in Brighton, and most probably all over the world as well, who are great enough to be hired for your special day.

Our Top Posts of 2016


Here are some of our favorite posts for 2016.

A Short Guide to Label Printers and Pouch/Tyvek Printing Software


DAQifi’s New Wireless Data Acquisition Logger Empowering Big Data Trends


For the last 10 years, Colorado based company has been developing high-quality data acquisition systems that can be used in a number of locations and venues.  DAQ or data acquisition is a process for sampling and mapping signals that can quantity physical real world conditions into a set or series of values that can be gathered and measured by experimenters or data scientists.  Data loggers that use DAQ technology allow computers to convert analogy waveforms into complex digital values for processing.

Generally speaking DAQ systems function in a number of fundamental ways:

  1. Analog-to-digital systems that can convert sensor signals to CPU values.
  2. Sensor signals that can be converted into useable digital values.
  3. Physical parameters that can be quantified by electrical signals.

 DAQ systems rely on software protocols that are run using basic programs such as Basic, C++, Java, Fotran, LabView, Pascal and a host of other basic programs.  The term data loggers are usually reserved for stand alone systems that don’t integrate with other more complex systems.

While there are a host of open source softwares that allow users to use DAQ systems fairly comfortably the field has only recently opened up to private companies that have begun to build custom DAQ software.

The promise that DAQ systems bring to the modern economy is a powerful vehicle in which to allow data scientists to aggregate multiple streams of “big data”. Big Data is the structured exploration of hidden trends, patterns and variables within company or scientific data. It’s easier to think of it as patterns within an overly complex process that can’t be identified by humans.  Using regressive algorithms powered by increased processing power DAQ systems can help expedite the process.

DAQ-enhanced big data can benefit us in three major ways:

  • Allow innovation and improvement
  • Allow companies to find competitive advantages that weren’t precisely accesible
  • Identify inconsistencies and inefficiencies
  • Identify new cause and effect relationships

As discussed in a recent SAS article…

“The concept of big data has been around for years; most organizations now understand that if they capture all the data that streams into their businesses, they can apply analytics and get significant value from it. But even in the 1950s, decades before anyone uttered the term “big data,” businesses were using basic analytics (essentially numbers in a spreadsheet that were manually examined) to uncover insights and trends.

The new benefits that big data analytics brings to the table, however, are speed and efficiency. Whereas a few years ago a business would have gathered information, run analytics and unearthed information that could be used for future decisions, today that business can identify insights for immediate decisions. The ability to work faster – and stay agile – gives organizations a competitive edge they didn’t have before.”

As the global economy shifts towards more integrated networks having systems and methods like DAQ in place will allow companies to seamlessly transition into a big-data empowered global force.

big data and data loggers

3 Big Windows 10 Changes You Should Know About


windows 10

Pic from PC advisor. 

Earlier this year Microsoft released it’s newest version of Windows.  Windows 10 is a major improvement above the previous operating systems and features some key components that were used in the older systems along with some much needed security and UX upgrades.

One of the biggest changes that many users noticed is that some of the touch and tablet options that were previously used for windows 8 have been combined with familiar Start menu options. We aren’t exactly sure why this upgrade was made, but you now have to look in an entirely new location to figure out how to turn your PC off.

Windows 10 also boasts a system that can run reliably on Windows Phones and even a number of small android based tablets.  Estimates say that Microsft hopes that by 2017 over 1 billion devices will be running the windows 10 system.

In a recent techradar article, we saw the new introduction of the Siri-wannabe Cortona

“Cortana, the Windows Phone assistant, shows up in Windows 10 as a search pane on the taskbar, which you can also trigger by saying ‘Hey Cortana’ – and when you start searching the Start menu. That gets you apps you have installed, documents you have access to, apps you could install from the Store, search results from the web and a range of other information – including from apps and services that integrate with Cortana.

You can set reminders for different times and places that appear on other Cortana devices, so you can get your Microsoft Band to remind you to take the rubbish out as you walk up to your front door.”

Not only are some of the new features in Microsoft Windows 10 slightly reminiscent of Apple’s products. The task switcher which is the trademark option that many Apple hardcore fans absolutely adore has also been copied in Windows 10.

User can now switch back and forth without the hassle of clothing any tasks in a UX experience that is eerily similar to Apple’s. PCWorld covered this feature in a recent writeup,

“Windows 10 atones for one of Windows 8’s greatest sins by returning the Start menu to its rightful spot in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop. But rather than focusing on desktop apps alone, the Windows 10 Start menu mixes in a dash of the Metro Start screen’s functionality, sprinkling Live Tiles of Windows 8-style apps next to shortcuts to more traditional PC software.

You can turn off that Live Tile functionality if you’d like, and even unpin all the Metro apps from the Start menu, returning it to purely desktop-focused glory. Or you can choose to have the Start menu expand to the full screen, and resize Metro apps to recreate a more Windows 8-like experience. The choice is yours.”

Although this isn’t the first time Windows has tried to simply its products, the end result is… unfortunately… quite uninspiring.  Windows products work, yet they lack the functionality and UX design that Apple maintains.  The trend for the last several years continues up to now with Windows requires 3rd party software in order to maintain it’s functionality.

windows 10Software like Microsoft toolkit which allow users to add additional functionality and combine multiple programs together in one seamless experience are an area that has been overlooked by developers in the past and continues to do so in the future.



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